What “Style” means to me!

The world of fashion is unpredictable. It changes everyday. Who leads the trends? Who decides what the next iconic look will be? Who delivers the next trend into society, to people, onto streets and to media. The answer is somewhat unpredictable. It is the people who own an authentic style. Those people who not only follow “trend” looks, they are the ones that embody an authentic style and turn the trend into their own manifestation. It is a beautiful process to observe. The authentic style owners, each have his or her own way of re-creating the new “trend” They look magnificent, no matter what they put on. They wear whatever piece that make them feel like their true authentic self. I always admired those people who followed their instincts and passion in choosing clothing pieces instead of what is expected, anticipated, appropriate for the world. They choose to wear what is appropriate to their own world and that is what the word “style” means to me.