About Antique Pieces


Every time I find out about a new antique store, I go. I go looking for things that once meant something to someone or was an important piece in someone’s wardrobe. For pieces that hold stories about a person. For pieces that look good in any era. For pieces that live on forever. It is an interesting thought how a single black purse I randomly spot in an antique store has memories. It is a thing after all! An object right? But it was bought by some lady; loved and cared by her, used by her for years through wear and tear. This might be too sentimental of a description but that’s what I see when I look at an antique piece. My thoughts start traveling back into the years when it was someone’s favorite piece, perhaps a valued present. There must be a reason why that antique piece survived years and can still withstand many more decades of trend waves. I wonder that about some of my favorite things. I wonder about their future. Will they survive? Will they become an antique piece in the future? I guess the years will show.

“Flashback” is a vintage department store located on Central Avenue, Memphis TN.


IMG_4452IMG_4435 IMG_4447 IMG_4438 IMG_4436 IMG_4433 IMG_4428 IMG_4454 IMG_4426 IMG_4425 IMG_4419 IMG_4410 IMG_4405 IMG_4404 IMG_4395 IMG_4393









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